It is important for the electric kettle to boil water at 2 o'clock!

In our lives, there is an electric kettle in every household, and it is convenient and time-saving to use it to boil water. But we must keep these two points in mind when using it, otherwise the water you burn out is more toxic than plastic. Let's quickly follow the editor to take a look!

When using an electric kettle, we must pay attention to its material. The common ones are 304, 306, and 316, all of which are not subject to steel. But the national standard stainless steel food with GB9684 is the only one that meets, that is to say, all stainless steel food grade materials need to meet this standard. Food grade stainless steel also meets certain safety requirements. If the other non-steel materials fail to meet the standards, heavy metal substances such as manganese will be leached out after high temperature heating.

 electric kettle

We need to clean the scale of the kettle regularly, which is also a problem that many people have a headache and annoyance. After the electric kettle has been used for a long time, if the inner wall is not cleaned, thick scale will form, and it will feel a little slippery, greasy, and very uncomfortable when you touch it with your hands! These things are accumulated by bacteria. If they are not cleaned in time, they will be damaged after being ingested by the human body.

This kind of scale component is not simple. There are calcium acid substances, heavy metals and bacteria accumulated in tap water. Then we repeatedly heat the water and use it, it will be harmful to the body in the long term, so we must clean it regularly. The scale of the kettle! 

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