What are the maintenance methods of household hot water kettle

electric kettle

1. In order to prolong the service life of the electric kettle, the mineral deposits in the electric kettle should be cleaned regularly.

2. When cleaning the hot kettle, be sure to disconnect the power supply of the temperature controller of the electric kettle first, and do not soak the base of the electric kettle in it.

3. Water must be filled before power on. Never power on before water.

4. The scale in the hot kettle needs to be removed regularly. The vinegar and water can be mixed in the ratio of 1:2 and poured into the electric kettle, and then the power is turned on to make the electric kettle work and wait for it to jump off automatically. Let the mixture be kept in the electric kettle for 24 hours, pour out the mixture, put it into clean water and boil it, clean the interior of the electric kettle and bring out the remaining stains.

5. In case of failure during the use of the electric kettle, take the kettle out of the heating chassis, pour out the water in the kettle, and then let it cool to normal temperature before fault detection or cleaning.

6. When using an electric kettle to boil water, the water injected into the kettle shall be at least higher than the highest surface of the heater, but shall not exceed the specified maximum water level.

7. Do not use an electric kettle to cook things with acid, alkali and salt components, so as not to corrode the kettle body and heater.

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