E-commerce giant aimed at large-scale commercial VR shopping takes time


In September, Ali Baba's "Taobao buy+" scheme is launched on time, East of Beijing on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival announced the formation of electric field first "VR/AR industry advancement Alliance" formed VR lab, publishing APP "VR shopping galaxies". At this point, whether it is domestic Ali, East of Beijing, the Amazon or overseas, business Giants have been aimed at the VR shop.

First year of 2016 is called VR, VR/AR technology has also been a rush of capital markets, except sunshine startups and projects, experience of the technology scene in electric enterprises rely more on the online channel to see new ways of enhancing the user experience, Alibaba, Jingdong, Amazon and other retail giants become the forerunners in the industry. But in interviews, many industry insiders told reporters, for large-scale commercial use of VR is still a long way, and this combined with the electric business brought about by the change but was not optimistic.

VR shop by shangre holding

As one of the hottest fields of science and technology in 2016, VR/AR early into the horizon, business Giants have thrown to cooperation in olive branch.

Taobao Shopping Festival two months ago, the "Buy+" appearance had maxed out your circle of friends, although I only display of lingerie and other goods. According to Ali's official plan, Taobao Buy+ user testing will be at home on the line this month, PayPal will also launch VR payment functions, function, Buy+ for Taobao users a 360-degree panoramic immersive shopping experience, the user can "scan" to understand product information such as price, quality, try to evaluate. It is understood that the "Buy +" not only provides "replacement size/color" "buyers" show "stores displaying" link, in addition to virtual shopping guide and social roles.

East of Beijing in the recently announced Intel, HTC, storms, mirror and more than more than 30 areas of upstream and downstream enterprises to set up business first Union of VR/AR industry. Meanwhile, East mirror, NVIDIA and the storm reached procurement cooperation, will be 15 million sets of VR head within 3 years, 18 million VR graphics.

Compared to Ali, Jingdong, Amazon is relatively low-key. In August, Amazon jobs reveals future intentions to enter the field of VR. Original: "in 2016, we will match the Oculus Rift,HTC Vive and PlayStation VR Gaming Headset release entities and augmented reality shopping experience on the line and landed on Nintendo has not officially announced the next-generation consoles. ”

National Engineering Laboratory researcher Zhao Zhenying think of e-commerce technology, VR/AR technology in the electric business, the biggest income-what is user experience elevated bring GMV conversion rates improve, facing towards stability and even decline of GMV conversion rate in the industry, electrical contractor company VR water essence of shopping to find breakthrough the bottleneck of the development approach.

Cost is higher than the conversion rate of VR business take time

VR is a storm of subject matter, but it seems to e-commerce analyst Lu Zhenwang, but may not be suitable for all e-commerce businesses.

"The domestic e-commerce pattern established, number of new customers is decreasing, and GMV conversion rates are on the decline, previously to be cheap to pursue customers experience on the one hand, on the other hand the size of the user is reaching saturation point. "Zhao Zhenying said," domestic electrical contractor now faces three major problems, namely customer acquisition cost is too high, product quality is uneven within the platform and high logistics costs. VR provides a shopping scene escalated, can feel the virtual reality scene, better scene on line, is just icing on the cake. ”

Insiders told reporters that VR shopping e-commerce companies, has lifted conversion rate of benefits to the advantages of shopping experience for consumers to upgrade, when consumers shop online, in goods is no longer only able to view text and graphic pictures on the level of information, 360-degree, the integration of external trade in all aspects of observation and trial.

In order to achieve VR shopping, its cost is probably higher than the GMV increased earnings by the converted. Zhao Zhenying revealed, VR shopping costs, at a conservative estimate would be 3 to 5 times times the current flat-panel display, but lifted conversion rates by this technology is hard to offset the cost of new technology increases.

"As far as we know, Ali, currently two platforms GMV conversion rate of approximately 1%, Jingdong VR shopping can boost conversion rates up to between 0.2% and 1%, that is, if Ali VR online shop, GMV conversion rate increases up to 2%. VR shopping to do business, in addition to technology, you also need hard effort in cost, it will take at least two to three years time. "Zhao Zhenying said.

Although VR shopping total commercial take time, but many in the industry say, in terms of research and development, promotion and maintenance, proprietary model of business enterprises may be more advantageous.

"If online VR Scheme, self-employed electrical contractor has inherent advantages, because just in their racks, merchandise related to the show, and platform model of e-commerce enterprises require businesses with such technical capabilities in the platform, from the cost, the coordination, faced more difficulties. "Zhao Zhenying said.

Technology is still immature

VR/AR is favored by the capital, but online business is still a gap between. Analysys analyst Yang fan, a think-tank, told the China business newspaper, from now until the VR official commercial shopping, at least more than two years of time.

It is well known that VR there were phone boxes, one machine and PC-style helmets are the three forms. According to Yang fan introduction, phone boxes are relatively inexpensive, however is the weakest of the three, only provide simple entertainment; one has experience, but the prices and costs are high, prices often above million; PC type helmet which is best, the disadvantage is that wired equipment, inconvenience to carry, limited in scope, and expensive.

"If you want to use in the field of e-commerce, mobile phones will become the most important terminals in the box, but at present, including HTC, storm magic mirrors, VR product development, Sony products multi-such as user experience, technology is still immature and lacking performance show and experience, more than 360 degree model. In addition, it has yet to find ways to reduce costs, which made it hard for such devices into the homes of ordinary people. "Yang Fan said," is considerably VR/AR research and development gaps, which to a certain extent influences the progress of VR business. ”

Apart from terminal equipment research and development institutions and related service enterprises, institutions as inadequate. "VR shopping for consumers and electric business enterprise,, will improve cost, consumers need pay purchase consumption terminal of cost, enterprise is need pay development, and promotion, and maintenance, cost, and need has related of mature of VR technology, and equipment of service company and industry environment, but VR technology does not mature, industry in the except HTC, and storm magic mirror, and Sony, giant company, remaining of enterprise most is venture company, prospects unknown, development strength, and service capacity are into questions. "Yang Fan said. (Zhang Jingchao)

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