Electric kettle cleaning tips

Our daily life is inseparable from water, and the electric kettle has become an indispensable small appliance in our daily life. However, the electric kettle will produce scale after being used for a long time, so I will tell you how to clean the kettle scale.

Electric kettle cleaning tips

Electric kettle cleaning tips

1. Power off: Before cleaning the kettle, make sure to unplug the power plug to avoid electric shock accidents

2. Clean the surface stains: if the stains are not heavy, wipe the surface with a wet towel. If there is a lot of oil, add an appropriate amount of detergent. Be careful not to immerse the electric kettle in water. At the same time, avoid using sharp tools, scrubbing powder, and cleaning paste Wait for damage to the appearance of the kettle

3. Clean scale:

Tip 1: Add 250ml of edible vinegar to the kettle, soak for 1 hour, pour out the vinegar, and rinse with water 4~5 times

Tip 2: Prepare 25g of citric acid, add 250ml of water to the electric kettle, boil and soak for 30 minutes, pour out the boiled citric acid solution, and rinse with water for 4~5 times.

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