Precautions for using the toaster

Toaster is a commonly used kitchen utensil, mainly used to toast slices of bread. So what are the precautions and maintenance tips when using the toaster?

using the toaster

Precautions for using the toaster

1. Do not put any part of the toaster into water or other liquids.

2. Before using for the first time, please do not put bread slices, let the bread machine work for about two minutes, a certain amount of smoke will come out, this is normal.

3. Do not touch the high temperature parts inside the bread machine.

4. Place the toaster in a place out of reach of children.

5. Only used for sliced bread.

6. Do not put in oversized bread or metal objects. This may cause a short circuit.

7. Do not use this product near curtains, clothes and other flammable objects to avoid fire.

8. Please do not remove the crumbs and the crumb tray during the toaster operation (wait for the cooling to complete).

9. During use, the surface of the toaster will have a certain amount of heat.

Maintenance skills of toaster

1. It is recommended not to bake bread with butter on the bread oven to prevent the butter from melting and sticking to the mold cavity.

2. Bread oven should use fresh bread or bread with certain humidity to bake, otherwise it will burn easily.

3. Don't cut freshly baked or hot bread into the oven immediately. Otherwise, the bread will become soft. If it is roasted, it will not immediately jump up and block at the exit.

4. After each use, clean the toaster after the body has cooled to room temperature. If the surface of the shell is too dirty, please wipe it with a semi-dry, semi-damp cloth and some detergent, and then wipe it with a soft dry cloth.

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