Electric kettle purchase tips!

Nowadays, most households use electric kettles to boil water. There are many types and brands of electric kettles on the market, and their materials and functions are also different. How should we buy household electric kettles?

Electric kettle purchase guide

Electric kettle purchase guide:

1. According to your own habits and actual needs

For example, a family of 2-3 people can choose an electric kettle of about 1.0L, and a family of 4-5 people can choose an electric kettle of about 1.8L.

2. Carefully check the logo and description of the product

The standard stipulates that the product identification should be complete, including: company name, address, specifications (such as capacity), model, trademark, voltage parameters, power parameters, symbols of the nature of the power supply, etc.; there should be warnings to prevent misuse, should There are detailed cleaning methods, etc.; the operation switch logo on the product should be clear and reliable.

Three, look at the appearance

The quality of products with thicker plastic parts and smoother appearance, shiny and beautiful appearance is relatively better. On the contrary, if the plastic parts are obviously rough, uneven, and there is internal sound when shaking, it may be a reflection of poor workmanship and poor quality.

In addition, the electric kettle is an electrical appliance used for water injection. Pay special attention to its sealing condition when purchasing, and there should be no leakage of water or electricity. If you can see the heater, pay attention to the interface between the heater and the kettle body when purchasing. It should be installed firmly, and the heater can be gently moved by hand to check whether the assembly is firm and there should be no looseness.

Fourth, buy products with temperature control function

Products with temperature control function will automatically cut off the power after the water is boiled, which can effectively prevent dry burning caused by unattended and avoid accidents.

Five, test boiling water

Appropriate amount of water can be added to power on for trial cooking. After power on, the pot body will become hot, and products with high nominal power will heat up faster. Products with temperature control function should automatically power off after the water is boiled. Consumers can choose according to their needs. .

6. Choose well-known enterprises with larger scale, better product quality and service quality

Because large-scale production enterprises have stricter quality control of raw materials, parts and products, advanced production equipment, higher corporate management levels, and more guaranteed product quality and after-sales service.

Seven, check whether there is a CCC certification mark

Electric kettles are listed in the National Compulsory Safety Certification (CCC) catalog. Consumers must see clearly that the electric kettles they purchase should have the "CCC" certification mark when purchasing.

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