How to choose an espresso machine?

The types of espresso coffee machines include manual espresso machines, semi-automatic espresso machines, and fully automatic espresso machines. So how should we choose? What are the advantages?

espresso coffee machines

Manual espresso machine

The manual espresso machine is just like its name. All the processes (grinding, filling, pressing, milk frothing, extraction, etc.) are all done manually, so the barista’s skills are very demanding. In-depth study of the principles and mechanisms of coffee brewing, and constant attempts and adjustments, can make a cup of coffee.

Advantages: Convenience. You can find by looking at its photos that there is no pressure pump, the structure is relatively simple, the weight will be much lighter, and a small number of models do not need to be plugged in.

Semi-automatic espresso machine

The "automatic" of the semi-automatic espresso machine lies in the "automatic extraction", and the rest of the steps (grinding, filling, pressing, and frothing) need to be done by yourself.

Advantages: It can well balance the controllability and participation of coffee, as well as the ease of use of the coffee machine. You can try different ways during each production process to gradually improve your coffee skills. This process is also very interesting.

Automatic espresso machine

Fully automatic espresso machine is very easy, some fully automatic espresso machines can also do "select the type of coffee-press the button-get coffee". Of course, different coffee models also have great functional differences, such as whether there is a built-in grinder, whether you need to manually froth milk, whether various parameters can be adjusted, and so on.

Advantages: No need to study, save time and effort, you can drink a cup immediately after you buy it, and the quality of each cup can be guaranteed to be exactly the same (the parameters of some models can also be adjusted according to your own preferences).

By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of various espresso machines, choose the most suitable espresso machine according to your own needs!We KONG SENG APPLIANCES LIMITED is principally engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of kitchen appliances including electric kettles, toasters, toaster oven,deep fryer, knife sharpener and coffee makers etc. 

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