How electric kettle works

How the triple safety protection function works:

electric kettle

1. Automatic shut-off function when water boils: After the power is turned on, the electric kettle uses the heating coil/tube to convert the electrical energy into heat to heat the water in the kettle. When the water boils, the thermostat will work and automatically cut off the power.

2. Anti-dry burning function: The dry burning temperature control is closely attached to the heating tube/disk through silicone grease (thermal conductor). Heating in anhydrous state; 2. The automatic shut-off function of water boiling fails), and the dry-burning function will act to cut off the power supply, so as to avoid the occurrence of disasters such as fire caused by the rising temperature of the product. But it should be emphasized that dry burning should be avoided as much as possible during use, which will cause damage to the product and shorten the service life.

3. Fusing protection function: It only operates when the anti-dry burning function fails or the circuit is short-circuited. After the protector is blown, it cannot be recovered. It is necessary to replace the new fuse protector or thermostat at the maintenance point.

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