Is the electric kettle still usable?

Can the electric kettle still be used after soaking in water?

When the electric kettle is soaked in water, it cannot be used. Unless the electrical part of the electric kettle is completely dry and the test circuit is normal, it can be used, otherwise the electric kettle will be short-circuited and burned, and it may also cause a fire.

What problems should I pay attention to when using an electric kettle?

electric kettle

1. When using the electric kettle, put the water in the kettle first, then connect the kettle to the base, and then connect to the power socket. When using the electric kettle, do not turn on the power cord before filling the water, so as not to damage the heater.

2. The water filling of the electric kettle shall not exceed the maximum water level line to prevent the kettle from overflowing when the liquid is boiling. Ordinary kettles should not be filled with too little water, otherwise it will be easy to dry.

3. Under normal circumstances, the rated power of the electric kettle is relatively large, so the capacity of the plug and socket it uses should be used appropriately at the same time.

4. When using the electric kettle, you should always keep the power plug and socket of the electric kettle dry and clean, and do not spray and rinse directly with water, so as not to damage the electrical insulator due to moisture, which will eventually lead to failure.

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