To make bread at home, is the oven or the bread machine better?

Many friends will be confused whether to buy an oven or a toaster? Or do you need to buy another bread machine if you already have an oven?

In fact, from the working principle, the bread machine and the oven are completely different. Let the electrical appliance manufacturer kongseng make an analysis with you.

1. Oven

The oven uses built-in upper and lower heating pipes to heat and control the temperature. It can not only bake bread, but also steak, cake, chicken wings, etc.;

2. Bread machine

The bread machine mainly mixes the ingredients by stirring and heating, and makes bread by precisely controlling the time of kneading and fermenting, yeast and even the delivery time of the fruit. After the operation is proficient, you can also make the following brushed bread.


Compared with the oven, the bread machine can not only automatically feed materials, knead dough, make reservations, but even make rice bread and realize cloud operation.

Using the oven to make bread, one is difficult to control the fermentation time, and the other is that the labor intensity of kneading is more.

So: if you want to make softer, brushier bread, it's easier and better to choose a smart bread maker.

Usually, when I go to buy bread, I usually let it cool, and even some sugar and oil are too much to eat, and I have to worry about the problem of too high calories. The emergence of bread machines allows us to have healthier and fresher delicacies, and we can also customize our own favorite flavors. Just leave it with safe ingredients, simple cooking, low-calorie, delicious and healthy bread.

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