Household electrical appliance enterprises have launched Internet business platform


Aoweiyun network jointly published recently by the China electronic information industry association "large screen blue book" notes that "by 2020 OTT-market scale will reach 630 billion yuan. "Against this background, household electrical appliance enterprises in transition, have been offering Internet operating platform.

Reconstruction of business models

Internet and intelligent two trends driving OTT box rapidly. According to the blue book on large screens, as the core of home Internet devices, 2015 OTT terminals (including smart TVs and boxes) population reached 165 million units. By 2020, OTT Terminal population will exceed 400 million units, more than 70% families use OTT-side watching. In 2017, the OTT Terminal family coverage will reach 45%.

OTT-end smart TV as the main direction of development, more than 60 million total domestic Smart TV, become a battleground of traditional wrestling TV makers and Internet companies. Among them, Hisense, Skyworth, TCL, KONKA, traditional machine brand and TV plus, storm and other emerging Internet brand main participants.

Different from the PC/mobile side scene fragmented, OTT-end focus on family interaction scenarios. OTT ends with massive resources, able to attract the crowd to the front of the TV on the Internet, also makes the TV traditional users have more choices. "Content is the core of big-screen era, the hardware may be free in the future. "Storm TV official said.

According to relevant regulations, intelligent e-commerce vendors need to connect both approved by the SARFT CNTV, Blackstone, South media, wasu CIBN, Hunan, China Radio international radio and Central People's broadcasting station CNBN 7 Internet TV content service platform, content providers must be licensed before participation in related businesses.

Target operations

Big-screen era for traditional household electrical appliance enterprises have been mixed. Impact of Internet branding and integrated effects of main raw materials of Panel prices down, average price decline in the first half of the television.

The first half of the champions TV Hisense electric revenue of 13.29 billion yuan, down 5.09% to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 740 million Yuan, an increase of 18.53%.

In this context, household electrical appliance enterprises to actively transition. Hisense electrical appliances, TCL, KONKA group have launched Internet platform in recent years. With the popularity of smart TV market is expected in 2016 will be Internet television first year of operating cash.

China Merchants securities analysts said KONKA television by 2016 operating income is expected to exceed 100 million Yuan. Among them, start advertising about 30% per cent.

Furthermore, Hisense group operating in 2017 advertising revenue is expected to be a breakthrough billion; TCL 2016 year divided into income is expected to exceed 60 million Yuan.

Hisense said in a semi-annual report, the first half of the company "Poly-learning" platform launch, thus forming a "Poly-nice", "Poly-learn", "Poly-fun", "get bought" four core application modules. Hisense smart TV users reach 19.62 million at present, user activity continued to rise.

CITIC Securities analyst said, television Internet leading companies this year is expected to be 200 million-300 million operating revenue, 4-5 times.

The analyst pointed out that entry to intelligent hardware with comprehensive content consumption sinks, leading brands of hardware by converting consumers continued operational users, thus becoming the Internet platform company, profitability and valuation system will have increased significantly. Wang Rong, reporter

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