How can the Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises "going out"?


In recent years, the household appliance industry development into financial straits, behind the market downturn also reflects a lack of innovation. In 2016, however, when the appliance encounters the Internet +, "smart" innovation factors activate this traditional industry, promoting the household electrical appliance enterprises out of the maze. Recently, the leading global provider of intelligent information services provider Thomson Reuters released the 2016 global innovation report, we are pleased to see that innovation brings change.

Report shows that China's research and development into new era, not only scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises in China is more prominent, household electrical appliances, pharmaceutical and semiconductor materials into paper ranking the world's top ten and Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises innovation brings global attention, midea group is in the field of household appliances shines patent number charts. The industry believes that Chinese enterprises to speed up going tide, seeking Chinese enterprises in the global market while seeking to avoid the risk of competition, is accelerating the pace of innovation, and innovation is what determine the success of manufacturers "out to sea" key.

A few days ago, according to Thomson Reuters, President of intellectual property and Technology Division of China Guo Li and midea Group senior to the idea of innovation, how to go out and other topics in-depth communication.

Nearly 10 years invested 30 billion (2015 investment income 3.8%, seventh national enterprises, industries ranked first), has a four-stage research and development system, and 7 overseas production base located in 6 countries and annual sales of nearly 300 million units.

When a number of household electrical appliance enterprises think about how adversity break when United States using data from a group of eminent people to re-examine the traditional household electrical appliance enterprises, label of globalization all the more compelling. Meanwhile, with the "Internet +" context innovation born of the "two wisdom" strategy of gradual, with "smart home" as the core concept of innovation system are giving us more of image tags.

The AWE show this year, the United States issued new smart fan, to wearable devices for user information, and intelligent linkage with air conditioning. This is wisdom home innovative ideas a little microcosm of beauty. According to the introduction to the wisdom of the group home, Dean of Li Qiang, smart home is a system that needs interoperability with other manufacturers, to Exchange data. The future, rely solely on a magic remote control, or an APP program, even a voice control will be able to control all the appliances, even the bath water temperature, and can see it on TV all the appliance working status. Maybe after a few years of seemingly Sci-Fi scenes can spread to in our daily lives.

Meanwhile, the United States also accelerate the introduction of innovative talents and support. The current "beautiful Star" special project has been globally oriented, professional field to recruit top PhD of strategic school recruit top talent, designed to cultivate the creative talents of the future for the beauty.

Future, the midea group plans to "double-think tank strategy", more data and cloud computing is used in manufacturing in order to better understand and meet, or even lead to customer demand. Beautiful hope innovation not only in the technical aspects of intelligence and cross-border innovation, while also trying to model traditional manufacturing, marketing, product, user management and other upgrades to the Internet age, the major data series, analyze customer needs and enhance efficiency, truly user-centric.

Thomson Reuters IP and technology businesses, President of China Guo Li is introduced: in recent years, the Chinese Government for the development of innovative technology industries to provide financial, technical and policy support, represented by information technology is most prominent in the field, particularly with regard to cross-border innovation is disruptive results have been achieved. Cross-border innovation to break the barriers to innovation and divide, can provide customized products and services, each link in the value chain to resonate together, total fusion effect, making survival ability is greatly enhanced, while still allowing the bar for rivals have been greatly improved, is one of the representative of the United States.

All along, the United States, consumer-centric, time to do business. Fang Hongbo, Chairman of midea group believes that in the context of Internet +, consumer behavior has changed today, the manufacturing sector, needs to use more innovative models to meet the user's individual needs, there must be awareness of innovation in manufacturing and operations, keep pace with the large data, cloud platforms, will be eliminated.

Going out, unable to bridge the intellectual property divide

Enterprises, intellectual property is an issue that cannot be avoided. Many Chinese companies in the layout when overseas markets due to lack of intellectual property protection, often "naked" or infringement, resulting in increasing trend of overseas patent disputes. As the United States "double-think tank strategy" an important part in overseas markets and distribution of intellectual property rights is critical.

Midea group legal director Lee Chin Wei introduced the American strategy of intellectual property in the process of transformation challenges and beautiful intellectual property strategies. Challenge lies in foreign countries (regions) risk, on the other hand is the new business areas and new relationship between competing in the increasingly complex situation of intellectual property rights. Sources of intellectual property risks in the future will be more diverse, battleground will be the globalization of intellectual property rights. United States intellectual property rights strategy will innovation competitiveness and brand competitiveness of layout, the whole value chain risk management and control, management of intellectual property assets and use perspective, information strategies, guidelines, and several escort for the company's global operations. United States patent applications reached almost 30,000, 2015 years of invention of 4,181, 20,000 authorized patents in China, valid patents for 1948. Recent patent application will focus on optimizing structure, accelerate the scale of overseas distribution, improve patent quality, and so on.

Intellectual property and technology Thomson Reuters Guo Li believes that innovation lies in enhancing the capability of independent innovation, improve innovation capacity, increase the number of patent applications is also fighting overseas property risk means. In recent years, the innovation inputs and significantly increased the ability of Chinese enterprises, but there is a clear differentiation, different regions, different size, different types of economic enterprise in the proportion of investment in research and development gaps widened, no innovation of enterprises and the gap between innovative enterprises may continue to grow.

While Guo Li said strengthening intellectual property rights protection, power upgrades "made in China", has long been a consensus, but still faces many challenges. On one hand, China invention patent applications continues to rise, up to 3 consecutive years ranked first in the world by the end of last year. But from the quality of patents and intellectual property for innovation protection point of view, there is still room for improvement. Intellectual property rights but not strong, but not fine highlighted the contradictions. The other hand, China's scientific and technological achievements conversion rate is not high, well below the level of developed countries. Enterprises should seek more cooperation with research institutions, rapid industrialization of the results of basic research as much as possible, to raise the efficiency and level of innovation through cooperation.

Go, the enterprise is bound to make good use of information card

For going out, enterprises face the people, information, and also there are numerous puzzles.

"The technology is really important! beautiful speed too fast, you need to switch in different fields, to talents and needs for partners is really big. Past exploitation of these resources require a great deal of time and money, for a talent and data run Silicon Valley four or five times a year. We need an information agency, for decision. "The Vice President of midea group, Academia Sinica President Hu Ziqiang believes that entering the overseas market, enterprises need a global database of fast, accurate, focused information. Among these, the Thomson Reuters IP and technology based on the data analysis and the formation of global patents and scientific literature data provides enterprises with the best help.

It is reported that Thomson Reuters IP and technology with comprehensive and systematic data, in the research and development strategy, technical development and all aspects of helping enterprises to market. For example, the direction is developed to help companies lock in research and development direction of technology development, avoid mistakes, and avoid the risk of infringement.

Thomson Reuters Enterprise Business General Manager Song Jianfu introduced intellectual property and technology, Thomson Reuters a year in basic research frontier field and did a lot of research, these studies are a good way to help businesses. A case study of innovation, based on Thomson Reuters strong database, researchers may have access to all countries and all areas of scientific and technical information, including the world famous after processing of Derwent patent database (Derwent World Patents Index?) Information and databases of the global featured journal SCI (Science Citation Index?) Information. This information can help researchers from the start looking for innovative ideas, until the final product launch sailing trips escorting. At present, including Apple, Samsung 80%, Siemens, the world's top 500 businesses in the utilization of the database for research and innovation and the global protection of intellectual property.

Meanwhile, Thomson Reuters can provide directional data according to business needs and development and support. In cooperation with well-known enterprises at home and abroad, according to Thomson Reuters IP and technology account manager Xu Xiaogang to introduce Thomson Reuters in technical intelligence levels we can bring help.

He said: "when the well-known enterprises at home and abroad who, in addition to purchasing database from Thomson Reuters, and data mining, that is, Thomson Data Analyzer (TDA for short), aimed at looking for partners worldwide. Perspective TDA to text data, data mining and visualization of panoramic analysis, help from a large number of patent documents or competitive intelligence and technology intelligence found in the scientific literature, for insight into the development of science and technology trends, detect emerging industry technologies, looking for partners, provides a valuable basis. ”

Go global, globalization is a test for Chinese enterprises, is a development of Chinese enterprises. Many of the foreign enterprises, the field of innovation and intellectual property in General, every cent spent money to bring bigger profits, to maximize business value. Therefore, Chinese enterprises, should improve awareness of intellectual property rights and patent strategy, real enterprise intellectual property rights protect innovation, protection, protection of the competitive functioning of the market.

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