You must know the seven anti-electromagnetic radiation in the appliance


1. don't let the appliance cluster. Do not put the appliance too concentrated or used often, especially televisions, computers, refrigerators should not be centrally placed in the bedroom, so as not to expose themselves to radiation overdose risk.

2. do not stay behind the computer. Placement of the computer is very important. Try not to place towards the back of the screen, because most computer radiation is back, followed by the left and right sides of screen positive radiation instead of the weak.

3. water absorption of electromagnetic waves. Fee to maintain a good working environment, such as clean air and comfortable temperature. Because water is the best medium to absorb electromagnetic waves, computers around a few extra bottles of water. However, it must be the only plastic bottles and glass bottles, can't use the metal cup of water.

4. reduce the standby. When you pause when using appliances, better not to let them in standby mode for a long time, because you can produce relatively weak electromagnetic fields, will also produce radiation accumulation for a long time.

5. wash in a timely manner. There is a lot of static surface of the computer screen, which gathered dust can be turned into face and hands exposed skin, long, high incidence of rash, pigmentation, severe cases may even cause skin lesions, so wash after use it is timely.

6. the nutrition. Computer operators should eat more carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, dates, oranges, milk, eggs, liver, lean meat and other foods to supplement the protein and vitamin a in the body. Also drink tea and tea polyphenols in tea and other active substances conducive to absorption and resistance to radioactive material.

7. phones don't be impatient. Mobile in for instant and charging calls, release electromagnetic radiation most, after cell phone rings in a couple of seconds, so it is best to answer the phone. Do not answer the phone when charging.

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