Appliances low carbon focus: design, materials, technology


Low carbon home appliances promotional keyword, consumers purchasing home appliances will also consider the performance of energy saving and environmental protection. But some experts point out that, because the standard and the system is not perfect and some products labeled low-carbon labels is not real low carbon products. To achieve small appliances with low carbon, from low carbon design and low carbon materials, low-carbon technologies starting with 3 levels.

Following air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other products after implementing the energy efficiency labeling system, small household electrical appliances also entered the ranks of added energy efficiency logo, so a green whirlwind inside electronics stores, home appliance consumption also seems to suddenly "low carbon". But found that consumers generally to all standards of energy efficiency requirements are relatively high, fan, heater and other seasonal energy efficiency of appliances is often overlooked. China household electrical appliances Research Institute Deputy Director Wu Shangjie said: "compared to large appliances, small appliances are small, but power consumption at all. Many small household appliance power consumption than even air conditioners, refrigerators and other large appliances is also high. ”

However, electricity industry due to start earlier, and national policy support, the product energy efficiency has been significantly improved. But in the small household electrical appliances industry, due to low technical threshold and high profit margins, many do not have the production capability of enterprise through the cottage, output a variety of energy efficiency standard products to the market and, of course, the production of this product does not meet the requirements of environmental protection.

In addition, some have implemented energy efficiency labeling system for products, such as cooker, rice cooker, quality checks in the relevant sector organizations, energy deficiency problem appeared.

Recently held in Guangzhou 2011 global electric industry Summit, experts and businesses agree that heating as a means of energy consumption, electric industry must take on the social responsibility of low carbon emission reduction, conveying the real green standards to the market low-carbon products. Reporters learned that China has yet to introduce energy efficiency standards for electric heater.

Currently developed countries the average home nearly 40 small household appliances, and in the domestic market, each family only about 10 pieces. Small household appliances market space is huge, "but enterprise scale and technical level, small household electrical appliances to low carbon design, low-carbon, low-carbon technologies, the three levels, there is still a long way to go. "Airmate electrical (Shenzhen) limited Chairman Cai Zhengfu said. He called on the Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises firmly resisted false low-carbon products, and pointed out that the key is to unify the concepts, benefits of industrial development based on the small individual enterprises, determined out of low-tech and high energy consumption products.

In the Summit Shang, AI beauty specially designed for is coming of heating quarter brings has latest development of "4D heating heliao" series electric warm device, the series products used low carbon environmental material manufacturing, unique patent "double nuclear fever" technology, can achieved boot 3 seconds that hot, and shut machine 40 minutes super long storage hot, while will air added wet technology implanted electric warm device, for consumers family with to a wet warm of winter.

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